Right 4 You Accounts & Payroll helps to evolve your business, but also your personal and yours’ family passions! We support young, talented and ambitious football players from Leicestershire and neighbourhood!

Right 4 You Accounts & Payroll is a Strategic Partner for KCFA Academy and Elite football club. Club is made up of 160 young and ambitious people who achieve excellent results in the English league. Apart from financial help for new equipment and new kits within the framework, Right 4 You Accounts will organize loads of attractions for young football players and their families; educational ,,How to save your money’’ workshop and other brilliant events! We are very proud that we can support such talented adepts of KCFA club and help them to develop their passion to football. We hope for shots on target and wish you the best in the future! See you on the field!

Find out more about KCFA Academy on: www.kcfafootballacademy.com

Bartek WYPCHAL is a young, successful professional light heavy weight boxer. He won 5 professional boxing fights with result 5-0. He comes from Krakow, Poland, lives 5 years in Leicester. From the beginning he cooperate with Right 4 You Accounts&Payroll.

Right 4 You Accounts&Payroll supports Polish Film Club, which is dedicated to bringing the best of Polish cinema to the United Kingdom. Club organizes regular screenings of contemporary, cult, and classic Polish films across various London venues. Their ambition is to showcase Poland’s growing film industry and diverse cinematic talent whilst making Polish cinema easily accessible to local Polish communities and wider audiences.

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